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Jazz Biography

Jazz has been into Asian music since the age of 11, born and bred in UK he is the 1st generation of music in his family. He has a natural ability to play many instruments Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Saxophone to name a few, you could say that he definitely has ‘Music in his blood’.

He has always strived in moving forward with innovative ideas and ‘never lets the grass grow under his feet’, In the 80’s he formed a new wave Bhangra band ‘Anaamika’ which became very popular with its new fresh looks and sounds.

In the mid 90’s he was discovered by fellow musicians as a vocalist with excellent potential in the music industry. This was the time he decided that singing was in his destiny and this is what he should pursue. Jazz had raw talent, which was a good start but he needed to be groomed and trained.

He took vocal tuition for three years in the styles of ‘Khayal’ and ‘Thumri’ from Kumar Saswat who was from the Saswat Academy of Music and Performing Arts (SAMPA). Now he regularly does riaz to maintain his voice and technique.

He has grown up listening to the songs of the late Kishore Kumar and he is clearly a great inspiration. He also has learnt a lot from the likes of Mohammed Rafi, Sonu Nigam and more recently Arijit Singh.

Jazz has acknowledged the music trend as it is today and as always he has moved up with the times as he now plays guitar while singing making him one of the very few Singer/Guiatrist available in Uk!

Nichelle Biography

Nichelle started her musical career from a young age at school. First playing the recorder (as every child does!) then the clarinet, piano and keyboards. In 1990 she started to sing English classical music, and was a member of the school choir and participated in the annual musicals. Up until this time all singing and music was all in English!

In 1995 she was fortunate enough to meet Kumar Saswat, an Indian classical vocal tutor and musician from the Saswat Academy of Music and performing Arts (SAMPA). From him she learnt North Indian classical vocals in the styles of khayal and thumri, and riaz became a huge part of her life. Developing her own style of singing and tone of voice she performed in classical concerts with SAMPA and then started writing lyrics and making tunes for religious songs.

Having idolised on the likes of Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshker and more recently Tulsi Kumar, Shreya Ghosal and Palak, her dream was to enter the world of Bollywood, singing some of her favourite Hindi songs in her own style.

At this time she had the opportunity to join Revive and became the lead female vocalist. Performing in the UK and around the globe in Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarati. Her recording career started with backing vocals in the lovers dreams albums and then extended to lead vocals in the album Reach in which she wrote and sang some of the Hindi songs.

More recently being a part of the Indian International Film Academy (IIFA) Awards 2007 was a highlight. Performing the latest bollywood songs in front of thousands including Fardeen Khan, Dia Mirza and Salman Khan.

Her future ambitions include doing more recordings bringing her classical knowledge and skills to the forefront of fusion music and currently learning the guitar.

"It doesn’t matter what obstacles may come in your way, if you believe in something, never give up."